Handworks 2020 has been rescheduled
for September 2nd & 3rd 2022

Please keep an eye on the website for re-registration and more details.


For the fourth time, join modern woodworking hand tool makers and fellow enthusiasts for a weekend immersion in all things handwork. Unplug from the world of machines, dust and noise while listening to the crisp sounds of the hand plane, chisel and saw in a restored timber-frame dairy barn in the traditional, historic German village of Amana.

Ask the makers about their tools and learn first hand how hand tools make woodworking more precise, easier, more enjoyable, and more meaningful.

Special Presenter


Saturday @ 10AM

Join Roy Underhill on Saturday morning to raise up the ancient/new spirit of handworks and begin our day with renewed faith in the strength of our muscles and the excellence of our edge! The wood abides, the tools abide, so let us unplug – that we may reconnect stronger than ever, taking up the skills of yesterday to build our better tomorrow!

No ticket required. First come first serve. Doors open at 9am.
We ask that no commerce take place before or during the presentation.


Screen printed by hand. Limited stock!

Available in many colors, styles, and sizes.

ALL proceeds go to support Handworks.
Original art by Steve Thomas Art.


Located in the center of the National Historic Landmark Amana colonies, Handworks is being held in the Festhalle Barn, Timber & Tools, and Greenwood Barn right in the middle of Main Amana.

Festhalle Barn
Timber and Tools
Greenwood Barn


Handworks is hosting more craftsmen than ever before with over 50 unique vendors!


Venture off on foot into surrounding old-world furniture shops, traditional woolen mill, laceworks, smokehouse, and brewery. Have lunch at one of many traditional German restaurants, or hop in the car and visit six other villages replete with history and pre-industrial charm.

There are plenty of bed and breakfast options in the Amanas, in old German homesteads, as well as smaller hotels and inns.

A 30 minute drive gets you to Cedar Rapids, Iowa's second largest city, with lots of lodging options. A 20 minute drive gets you to Iowa City/Coralville, a college town with lots of good food options plus unique shops in the downtown pedestrian mall.


The closest airport to Amana is the Eastern Iowa Airport (Cedar Rapids). It's about 15 minutes from Amana by car through the Iowa countryside. There are daily flights between Chicago and the EIA.

The next closest option is Des Moines, IA, about 1.5 hours by car to Amana.

Finally, you can fly into Chicago's O'Hare, which is about 3.5 hours by car to Amana. O'hare is in the western suburbs of Chicago, and traffic west of the airport is usually not an issue. It's an easy drive.


Handworks is a gathering of like-minded hand tool makers for the purpose of promoting the beauty of hand woodworking and the tools that go along with it. As such there is no attendance fee.

Handworks doesn't make any money on this event.

Please consider a donation to Handworks to help us cover expenses, and promote repeat events. Your donation at the door is much appreciated.

door prizes

Several companies have donated prizes that will be given away during the event. To qualify for a door prize you must register. There is no cost to register.

See below for details.

  • Lost Art Press
    $100 gift card
  • Kate Swann School of Woodwork
  • Czeck Edge Hand Tool
    1/4" carbide Traditional BC Awl
  • Veritas Tools
  • Fine Woodworking Magazine
    1 year Unlimited membership
  • M.S. Bickford
    Rabbet plane
  • Blue Spruce Toolworks
  • Hock Tools
    The Perfect Edge book
  • Jarrod Dahl
    Pole lathe turned lámhóg
  • Sterling Tool Works
  • Voigt Planes
  • Jason A. Lonon
    Pair of holdfasts
  • Walke Moore Tools
    Router Plane
  • Vesper Tools
  • Bad Axe Tool Works
  • Benchcrafted
    Moxon Vise OR Swing Away Seat
  • Knew Concepts
    5" Mk4 with swivels
  • H.N.T. Gordon
    Spoke Shave
  • Tools for Working Wood
  • J. Miller Handcrafted Furniture
    Carved bowl from fluting engine
  • Fine Tool Journal
    1 year subscription
  • J. Wilding Planemaker
  • Mary May's Woodcarving
    "The Acanthus Leaf" book + 1 year membership online carving school
  • Mike Siemsen's School
    Twin screw Moxon
  • Hand Tool Woodworking
  • Hamilton Toolworks
    Joinery Knife
  • By Hand & Eye
  • Sawyer Made
    Ironwood froe mallet
  • The Barn On White Run
    Complete set of polisoirs
  • Bridge City Tool Works
  • Texas Heritage Woodworks
    12-slot tool roll
  • J. Bower Engraving
    Signed print
  • Seth Gould Metalsmith
  • J. Sannerud Studios
  • The Lazarus Handplane Co.
    Small smoothing plane
  • Mortise & Tenon Magazine
    "Another Work is Possible" book + $50 M&T gift certificate
  • Marc Adams School
  • Don Weber
  • Blackburn Tools
    36" Roubo frame saw kit
  • Blum Tool Company
    Adjustable bench hold down
  • Sound Foundation
  • John Shaw Woodworker
    Stock scraper
    Free membership OR
    package of our journals

To qualify for a door prize you MUST register in advance for Handworks. You won't be able to register at the event. Simply fill out the form below, in it's entirety, to register. Don't worry, we won't share your contact info with anyone. Each attendee must register separately to qualify.

If you register, and then cannot attend, we ask that you kindly let us know by sending us a follow-up email (register@handworks.co). Likewise, please register ONLY if you know you'll be attending.

To win a door prize, you MUST be present at Handworks. No prizes will be awarded in absentee, or handed over to another party.

Each individual company's item equals one single prize, even if the individual prize contains multiple items (e.g.: a chisel set would equal one prize).

Winners will be chosen at random and announced publicly by name Saturday following Roy's presentation. If you happen to be away from the Festhalle barn at the time of the event, we'll have a board listing the names of the winners.

Winners can claim their prize at the respective company's booth. Handworks is not responsible for prizes.

Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited, or dealt with at each company's discretion.